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Invest in Your Home: Where Shalom Bayis and Chinuch meet!

Rabbi Mendel Gluckowsky, Rechovot, Israel Tuesday Chof Ches Cheshvan Nov 29, 2016

Rabbi Markowitz: Education and Guidance with Chassidic Joy

Part 1: Part 2 (Q&A): Rabbi Markowitz provides tips and tools to the Toronto community and answers some of our most pressing questions surrounding chinuch, discipline, and how to nurture and guide the precious neshamas of our generation — all from the Perspective of Chassidus.

Rabbi Levi Y. Jacobson: Parenting

3 Part series by Rabbi Levi Y. Jacobson

Rabbi Paltiel: Live, Love, Laugh & Learn

Motzai Shabbos 6 of Shvat "Live, Love, Laugh & Learn" A Paradigm Shift in how we transmit the joy and beauty of our sacred values to our children.

Hakhel- ה׳ טבת Chinuch Melave Malka

Menucha Lavner: "Running your Mikdash Me'at with a smile!" Chavi Rappaport: "Who has time for Chinuch when your phone is buzzing?" Chiena Zaltzman: "Keeping the inspiration going from crib to Chuppa!" (Note: The beginning of this shiur is about Hei Teves, at 22:15 minutes into the shiur, the topic turns to chinuch)  

Non-Kosher Animal Toys- R’Oliver

Question & Answer With Rabbi Yehoishophot Oliver - Non-Kosher Animal Toys

Talks and Tales

For 48 years, Shmuessen Mit Kinder Un Yugent / Talks and Tales charmed children with heartwarming lessons both of the past and present day. Now, a new generation seeks the same wholesome Jewish inspiration that made the original series so beloved. Through this series, children can: Explore the wonders of G-d`s creations in Vunder Fun Der Natur; visit monumental Jewish leaders in G`dolei Yisrael; or harness their unbounded energy through V`Ani Tefilati.

Branches Of The Chasidic Menorah

Author: Rabbi Yosef Y. Schneerson  Translator: Shimon Neubort Biographical stories Based On The Essay, "Fathers Of Chassidus"  Translated from the Chasidic journal Hatamim, this book features biographical sketches of the founders of the Chasidic movement written by the sixth Lubavitcher Rebbe.

Stories of Tzaddikim

Exciting tales of remarkable Jewish personalities in far away places and times long ago. From Jerusalem to Vilna, Yemen to Vitebsk, accounts of miracles and faith are related in a way that will entertain and stimulate young minds. Children will be fascinated by these vividly illustrated adventures, each of which is filled with examples of courage, mitzvot, wisdom and good character. Contains 32 stories in eight hardcover volumes. Please note: Non-kosher animal pictures

The Wheat Kernel

Watch the little wheat kernel as it sprouts and grows into a beautiful wheat stalk, hoping for the day when its flour will be used for a mitzvah. Will the wheat's prayers be answered, or will the baker use it for something else first? Join the wheat kernel on this exciting and colorful adventure.